Versa-Style Dance Company seeks to empower youth through the movement and culture of hip-hop dance by giving back to the communities which we came from. Here are ways we give back to the next generation of artists and community leaders.

K-12 School Tour

With over 700,000 students in the LAUSD system, Versa-Style aims to perform, connect and educate. In a dynamic one hour show, we perform choreography, demonstrate foundation, and unfold the history of Hip-hop culture. As a collective, we strive to reach underprivileged schools who would otherwise not have the access to a professional dance experience. Our intention is that students gain a new perspective on the impact arts can have in their communities. This unique opportunity is offered at no cost to the school, which relieves the financial burden from the school administration. This leads to Versa-Style members establishing teaching residencies at these schools, where they give students hands-on hip-hop dance training and guidance to pursue their dreams of becoming artists.




School Residencies

Versa-Style Dance Company is dedicated to providing enriching opportunities through dance education. Company members can lead a dance residency at elementary, middle, and high schools with prospective students. This residency will teach the students fundamental dance techniques and styles. Through Hip-hop dance, students utilize their creativity and ingenuity to develop their individual voice. With this direct mentorship, students develop an understanding of hard work, dedication, and communication skills.




Versa-Style Dance Company is dedicated to shaping future artists and leaders.

About VSNG

Founded in 2009 by Miss Funk and Breeze-Lee, Versa-Style Next Generation is a group of highly talented and dedicated young dancers from the greater Los Angeles area. Participation in the program offers the opportunity to participate in a pre-professional Hip-hop dance company and with hard work, dedication, and growth they move up to the professional touring company. Students receive personalized dance mentorship from Leigh Foaad, Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Versa-Style, as well as Principle Dancers Ernesto Galarza and Anthony Berry, whom are VSNG alumni. The group participates in community performances, some travel performances, and all Versa-Style sponsored events such as competitions, festivals, productions, dance intensives, and other classes. It is an incredible opportunity to work with incredible Hip-hop dance artists. 90% of the current touring company has completed the VSNG program.


Are You The Next Generation?

Participation in VSNG happens mainly through an audition process, occurring bi-yearly in North Hollywood. However, students who show high levels of dedication and growth at the Versa-Style Dance Classes may be offered additional invitations to train with the company as they arise, in preparation for the VSNG auditions. Member requirements are as follows:

– Age range of 16-19 (with some exceptions)

– Plans to pursue higher education or professional work as a dancer

– Weekly attendance to the VS Dance Classes

– Weekly attendance at Sunday rehearsals

– Participation in all Versa-Style sponsored events

– Nominal monthly tuition fee


For more information, please contact Versa-Style Next Generation Directors:

Ernesto Galarza: ernesto@versastyledance.org
Anthony Berry: anthony@versastyledance.org

First Annual Versa-Style Next Generation Gala


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Learn the stories of our Versa-Style Next Generation members.

Jessica Pontillas

Dance Captain

VSNG member since 2014

Age: 20

Being apart of Versa-Style Next Generation and the VS Family has allowed me to explore my own path as an artist and reinvigorated my passion for dance. Through the fundamental values of both hip-hop culture and professional etiquette, Versa Style inspired me to dissect myself as an artist and professional to develop an artistic vision that is purely who I am. Versa Style provides a means of culture and expression that was previously lacking in my dance training. Performing and training with VSNG not only built my confidence in my dance abilities, but also encouraged me to find pride in my personal expression via dance. The small moments, where I finally master a step I had been working on for months or where I share words of encouragement and support with another company member, continue to inspire me to pursue a complete understanding of myself as an artist, a dancer, and a human being. I’m now honored to be captain of VSNG.



Brianna Gray

VSNG since 2013

Age: 18

Versa-style has been a big impact/influence in my life in many ways! It’s helped me grow to be a strong individual. It also has showed me how to push for goals that I thought I wouldn’t be able to reach. The support of my instructors have helped fulfill my dreams. Versa-Style has also given me opportunities like no other and has made me realize that dance is so much more than just a simple body movement, but rather that it has meaning and history. Versa-Style has also taught me to be humble, dedicated, committed, and a hard worker. I’ve learned to work for what you want in life. I am proud to say that I am happy where I stand today and dancing with Versa-Style brings happiness and joy to my heart. I’m grateful for this family.



Maria Maravilla

VSNG member since 2014

Age: 17

I remember first seeing Versa-Style perform at my school my freshman year and I was inspired. It is then when I knew I wanted to be a part of dance someway somehow. Soon after, I joined my school’s dance team. After my sophomore year, my coaches encouraged me to audition for Versa-Style Next Generation. At first I was scared because it was only my first year dancing but I went anyway. I found out I was selected for the company and being in VSNG has changed my life and my perspective on how I see dance. I get inspired by everyone in this company and going to class every Friday makes me learn more about others and myself. It’s impacted me by helping me engage with others and I have made great connections. I’m most inspired that through dance I can make a change/impact in the world. I’m happy for this family because I have seen my growth as an artist.


Ismael Castorena

VSNG member since 2016

Age: 17

What inspires me the most about Versa-Style are the amazing artists and mentors who keep pushing me to go beyond my limits when I dance and train with them. I am grateful for all the love and support that this company has given me and the knowledge and wisdom of what it takes to become a better artist. One of my favorite memories was the day I was recruited to join the company, I never felt so happy to be part of something that brings me joy. I have made a commitment that I will work hard to help carry the legacy of what true hip-hop culture really is. I want to train hard to become great teachers like Jackie “Miss Funk” Lopez and Leigh “Breeze Lee” Foaad. In addition, my inspirations: my father who isn’t in this world anymore,but brought dance into the lives of his three children AND my sisters Patty and Kim, who remind me that dance has always been our protection, happiness, strength and passion. My sister Patty was also in VSNG and now she is professional dancer in VS. That’s my goal one day.


Dani Valencia

VSNG member since 2016

Age: 17

I remember the day I went to my first Friday night house class and thinking “I can’t wait to come back next week!” Over time Versa-Style has become an important part of my life. Being part of VSNG I have learned, I have shared, I have laughed and I have worked hard. I’m grateful to be surrounded by passion and love; for dance and for community! My journey with dance has only begun.





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