Versa-Style Dance Company Reel


Public School Tours

Versa-Style embarked on a tour of public schools throughout Los Angeles, educating students on the history, roots, and power of hip-hop dance. We performed for amazing, inspiring students all over LA, and even got to dance with some of them on stage! Enjoy!

Brighter Days

Versa-Style Dance Company doing what we love! We just wanted to work on a project that shows our love for our dance culture and to represent for LOS ANGELES dance community! Wishing you all Brighter Days

Ladies of Versa-Style

Miss Funk was inspired to create a dance dedicated to the music of Mary J. Blige, so she got the ladies of VS together and they all had a little fun representing the ladies and hip-hop dance!

Israel Tour 2013

Versa-Style had the honor and privilege to represent the U.S. as cultural ambassadors visiting the country of Israel. The company’s tour consisted of 10 days teaching and performing all around the country. VS wants to thank all of those involved and everyone in Israel who made us feel so welcome!





“In actuality, I’d have been happy with just one – Versa-Style Dance Company from Los Angeles – a group of life-affirming party starters… All of this is wrapped up in a package of energetic performance, hugely enjoyable choreography, and great musical choices.”

Kelly Apter, The Scotsman at the The Edinburgh Fringe Festival


“When Versa-Style shares their work with student audiences, they also share a message of hard work, pride in your community, dedication to an art form, and the value of education.

Many of the dancers are the first in their families to go to college. Some are the first to finish high school… There were some pretty important take-homes for the 11 and 12 year olds in the audience today. But for us, and for the company, this morning was all about joy. Joy in movement, joy in sharing, joy in inspiring and supporting a new generation of artists. Joy in bringing our whole selves when we do the things we love, on stage and off.”

Theresa Willis, Design For Sharing UCLA


“The talent, the devotion and the drive to succeed [in Versa-Style] is apparent. The work created by Lopez and Foaad is professional and represents with great distinction an important element within the LA dance scene…The emphasis on detail and decorum was the same that I experienced throughout my career with other choreographers. The only difference was the style of dance. The choreography is original, organic and extremely musical…Los Angeles needs to recognize that it has an amazing Hip Hop dance company in its midst. I encourage everyone to check out this dynamic company.”

Jeff Slayton,


“Los Angeles’ Best Dance Troupe for Hip-Hop Empowerment!”

Ann Haskins, LA Weekly