Box of Hope


Box of Hope explores themes that deal with the inequalities in today’s volatile social climate, more specifically within underserved communities. Versa-Style utilizes Hip-hop dance to navigate and tell these stories as each company member lives, expresses, and struggles within these varied and infinitely complex political and personal landscapes of Los Angeles. These themes are examined through the lens of the sounds of Motown, with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and The Temptations, who sang about these issues in the 1970s. Versa-Style highlights the timeless nature of this struggle through their music.

The Box of Hope is having a revamped presentation at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica September 23rd, 2017


Furious Beauty


The first half is entitled ‘Furious’, showcasing the high-flying skills and technique of the company, wowing audiences with choreography and a pure love of dance. The second half, ‘Beauty’, takes a more introspective look at the hardships and struggles we endure as human beings, and how we can use art and our loved ones to rise up from those struggles and move forward with positivity, empathy and love in our hearts. Throughout the show, the audience will be taking a journey through time and around the world. Versa-Style weaves together the company member’s life experiences and talents to put together a melting pot of creativity, free expression, and overflowing love of dance.

“The most vibrant elements of Hip-hop culture—the spirit of inclusion, innovation, reverence and authenticity…”

– Jessica Koslow, Annenberg Media Center

Feel Our Rhythm


“Feel Our Rhythm” is a multimedia production that entertains and exposes its audience to the flavorful history and complexity of Hip-hop dance culture. It employs rare interviews with dance legends such as Marjory Smarth, Damita Jo Freeman, and Rennie Harris, and reminds the audience of the genius origins of Hip-hop, from African and Latin dance styles such as Sabar and Rumba, to swing styles such as Lindy Hop and Tap, through the Soul Train era of Popping, and Locking, and into today’s street dance rooted in Hip-hop culture. The production touches both the minds and hearts of its audience, and even tickles the humor nerve by concluding the evening with a comedic and uplifting rendition of Los Angeles’ infamous traffic.

“It’s like a live music video, pulsing and driving, quick cutting and dissolving, right before our eyes. It is, in a matter of words, magical.”

– Joel Smith, Dancing In Los Angeles: Political Moves



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